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Holiday Business Gifting Tips

Holiday Business Gifting Tips

Sending gifts to clients, employees, and your professional network during the holidays is a great way to surprise and delight your recipients. But let's be honest, not all gifts are created equal. 

Today, we are sharing a few tips that we utilize to make sure your gifts are memorable and not lost in the stack of holiday gift boxes and baskets.

1. Change it up and host a Gift Experience.

Our team creates a pop-up "build your gift" boutique so guests can hand-pick their favorites. Personal, thoughtful, and certainly memorable, a Gift Experience will be a fun and fresh experience at your office or holiday party. Gift options are tailored to make sure everyone finds products they love. 

Holiday Corporate Business Gift Tips

2. Consider sending Thanksgiving gifts or New Year gifts

Make sure that your gift doesn't get buried under all the holiday craziness. If you're set on a Christmas gift, send your gift early to make sure your gift is not lost or buried.

Holiday Business Corporate Gifting Hawaii

3. Personalize your gift.

Think handwritten notes or custom cookies with client names. While "it's the thought that counts" may be true to a certain extent, we all know what it's like to receive a card with a typed message and digital signature. The same card everyone else received. It's not bad, per se, but it's not necessarily memorable. A simple, personalized gesture goes a long way. 

Holiday Business Corporate Gifting Hawaii

4. Send your gift in an eye-catching mailer box

Create curiosity and anticipation. You can also include your logo in a tasteful manner that ties into the packaging design. Our team loves designing boxes that reflect your brand, the occasion, and stir immediate interest. Your recipients will know something special has arrived before they even open the gift.

Holiday Business Corporate Gifting Hawaii

5. Send gifts that keep on giving

Include "shareable" products that all can enjoy while still keeping the products diverse and fun. Not everyone enjoys the same treats, so a variety of sweet and salty treats will make sure everyone has a taste they can enjoy.

Holiday Business Corporate Gifting Hawaii

Holiday Business Corporate Gifting Hawaii

Holiday Business Corporate Gifting Hawaii

More questions? Check out our official FAQs or contact us here to get started!

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