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Vendor Search

Vendor Search

We are expanding our collection of the best locally designed products and want to know your favorite brands and products. 

Why are we looking?

Throughout the year, we design gifts for our clients (businesses, hotels, and private events) featuring locally sourced products. We also create an interactive "pop-up" gift experience at a few select markets and private events, showcasing a variety of local products. And we're looking for a few more vendors to add to our collection.

What are we looking for?

For this search, we are looking for a few more products that meet the following criteria. If your products don't meet the criteria but you still think we would be a good fit, please contact us anyway. We'd love to consider your products for our custom gift designs. 

Our Commitment
  1. LEARN about your products so our team can answer questions about your product as if it's our own product.
  2. SHARE your company and story (and website if they want to learn more)
  3. FEATURE your product(s) in gift design proposals and markets we attend.
Product Criteria
  1. Your business must be based in Hawaii 
  2. Prefer edible products with a shelf-life of 6 months or more
  3. Consignment (terms vary but typically 70/30)
  4. Right now we're looking for two price points:
    • Retail price: $1-15
    • Retail price: $50-75


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