Ka`u Coffee: Medium Roast

Ka`u Coffee: Medium Roast

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Our estate roast is an exquisite cup of pure KaæȁÇ comfort. Fresh tropical and crisp citrus flavors delicately complement the sweetness of honey and caramel. Perfect for everyday or during the finest dining occasion. From specialty coffee gurus to new coffee enthusiasts, everyone is delighted by this palate pleaser.

Tropical Fruit, Floral, Caramel

Honey, Sweet Lemon/Lime, Crisp Apple

Syrupy, Jammy, Sticky

Our 2oz bags are great for travel, single servings in hotels or guesthouses, or as souvenirs! They make perfect party or wedding favors so that your guests can take home a part of KaæȁÇ and our delicious coffee.

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